Our projects

Apart from our publishing activity, MAGIEL is also responsible for projects addressed to students of Warsaw universities and all interested. Below you will find a short description of our main projects that take place annually.


Świąteczny Koncert SGH

SGH Christmas Concert  (Świąteczny Koncert SGH)


Christmas Concert is an annual event which has been taking place at SGH for more than seven years. The biggest student organizations cooperate in order to make this charity concert possible. Every year money raised during the concert is given to various charities. Last year we contributed to „Ewa Chodakowska’s Foundation” (as well as to charges of „Słoneczko Foundation”). The total amount of money collected so far has been 40 000 zł.

Media Student

Media Student


„Media Student” was created in 2004 as an initiative which aimed at integrating the community of Polish student media. The main goal of this project is to provide young journalists with proper conditions and rules of cooperation as well as improving their skills. Not only do we organize a variety of panel discussions but also different workshops where you can learn from well-known, respected professionals. „Media Student” is free of charge thanks to our sponsors and to financing from our College and other universities in Warsaw.

Targi Wydawnictw Ekonomicznych

Economic Publishers Fair  (Targi Wydawnictw Ekonomicznych)


One of the most important events of this kind in Poland. It usually takes place at the end of November at SGH. During two days various publishers present their book novelties from the area of economics, finance, law, marketing, management and PR. A wide range of books is suitable for teaching staff, students as well as for entrepreneurs. What’s more, TWE is not only a fair. There are a lot of accompanying events such as different debates on many interesting topics, workshops and training courses. It’s a great opportunity to meet a well-known person from the world of politics, economics or media.

Muzyka a Biznes

Music & Business Conference  (Konferencja Muzyka a Biznes)


This project is an annual conference, the purpose of which is to make students familiar with music industry. The subject matter includes a wide range of topics connected with music industry market, media, organizing mass events and sociological phenomena. The thing that they always have in common is music. This conference is regularly attended by students as well as famous journalists who write about music. We have already had the pleasure to host Piotr Metz („Machina”, „Trójka”), Mikołaj Ziółkowski (AlterArt), Jacek Szabrański (The Car Is On Fire) and Phillipp Eichholzer (MTV, VIVA).

18. Urodziny Magla

MAGIEL’S Birthday  (Urodziny MAGLA)


A party taking place annually to celebrate the birthday of our Monthly. There’s also a special accompanying event, namely a contest for the most popular public figure among SGH students. Many times we have chosen the most popular politicians, economists, businessmen and columnists. Our custom is a birthday cake cut by our Rector and handed out to every guest. During the party you will have countless opportunities to take part in different games and win prizes sponsored by our partners.

Inspiracja Roku

Inspiration of the Year  (Inspiracja Roku)


A plebiscite in which SGH students choose the best lecturer according to their opinion. The winner should be an inspiration to students – the one who encourages them to think, to learn and to pursue things that are important in their lives. Apart from the title she or he also receives the satisfaction of being appreciated by the student community. If you vote in the plebiscite you will have a chance to win unique prizes. The only condition is that you have to justify your vote in the most interesting way.

Kulturalna Mapa Warszawy

Cultural Map of Warsaw  (Kulturalna Mapa Warszawy)

A unique supplement inserted into MAGIEL. It’s issued at the beginning of every academic year. The main purpose of the Cultural Map of Warsaw (CMW) is to familiarize students with the abundant cultural offer of Warsaw. It’s some kind of a guidebook to our city which presents the most interesting places where you can have a nice time. One can find here a lot of information (e.g. information which are useful for every student, for example, where to eat, have a coffee or go to a party). CMW also includes some info about numerous cinemas, museums and theatres. Each place that is described in CMW is provided with a short note as well as its location on the map of Warsaw. Apart from necessary information it also has an attractive design which makes it an indispensable accessory of each student. In particular, we recommend it to our first graders who are at the beginning of their adventure at SGH.

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